February 29, 2008

The Intern

Boomerang Theory of Ministry

Some things seem to come back to you.  Take a boomerang for instance.  They are designed to come back to you.  You throw it and it comes back.

When we disciple someone we usually want just send them out.  We shouldn't expect them back.  Sometimes the boomerang theory happens with the students that we invest our lives in. . . sometimes.

Reo Hoots Jr.

Reo was a kid that came to our ministry as a young, but BIG boy.  Playful is and was the way that Reo can be described.  You didn't know if he would ever "get it".

I had a brief opportunity to spend time with Reo in a small group that met with two other guys, Justin and Johnny.  Justin was the really good kid that loved the farm.  Johnny was the good 'ol boy that seemed disadvantaged but had a really good upside.

Reo was the transplanted Yankee that was loud, didn't seem to fit the other two, and I wondered if he would stay around.

Well, he stayed.  And, he got it.  Early on he made the tough decisions.  Gave up football to decide to play in the praise band.  I thought he just liked that better really.  Truth was he liked God's will better.

November 2007

I had a worship leader.  Got a text message from him on a Monday saying he forgot to tell me he would not be able to be there this Wednesday.  Not real happy with that one.  On the next day, I was checking my Facebook account and received a message from Reo saying that he was going to be back in the area to finish his degree at North Greenville University, and that he wanted me to help him find an internship . . .

My mind and heart had already decided:  If Reo will do it, I want him to be my Intern.  I was tied to the other guy, and I was tied closely to Reo.  And, I wanted to be even more closely.

I immediately sent him a message detailing my interest, but I would ave to talk to a few folks.  That worked out, and Reo was on his way back late in December.


Now, I am thankful.  Thankful that I had an opportunity to mentor Reo way back when.  I am thankful that Reo has stayed the course during his life as we were away from each other.  And, I am thankful that he boomeranged back to me.

Iddo was called upon by Ezra to send him men who were ready and capable of doing the work of the temple. Iddo had no expectations of having any of them to come back to him.

Now, as I am serving at Temple, I have had one boomerang back to me.  I am glad that has happened.

Nevertheless, I take the blessing with one understanding:  I have to work to prepare Reo to be sent away again because ultimately Reo does not serve my purpose, but he serves HIS purpose . . .

February 4, 2008


On February 1st I turned 35 years old. I have been in student ministry of some form since 1995. That is 12 years of loving on and learning how to love teens.

The times have changed. I am not as thin as I used to be and my hair is thinner than it used to be, but the passion is just as great...if not greater!

I have been at Temple Baptist Church since July 1, 2007. Just getting my feet under me good. God has been blessing our church greatly. Yesterday, as my Pastor gave an invitation I sat quietly on the front pew praying and waiting. . .

There was a young lady that had been quite frequently in the past month to our church with a girl that has been at TBC for quite a while. She has openly discussed that she is not saved, BUT she is tring to work through the issues in her head.

Our guest for the past month indicated by the raising of her hand that she wanted to be saved.

My heart lept! Her still seeking friend came with her to be counseled with, and she witnessed the path that the counselor took through the scriptures to affirm what had happened in the heart of our new sister in Christ.

We have in a sense been "discipling" our seeker girl . . . In all of that effort the Lord caught up another one to Himself that we really had not "planned for"....I am still amazed...and humbled that the Lord allowed us to be a part of it!

So, 35 this weekend wasn't so bad. Dinner out with friends Friday night. Dinner out with the deacons and staff Saturday night. Sitting at the banquet table of life with the Lord on Sunday!

If that is what student ministry has in store, I will take 35 more years of that, please!